This is how it all started...


Gustav Procházka

Founder, Constructer, Demo-Driver, COB

Gustav Procházka is Founder of Peraves CZ. He is also the person who will guide you through your Demo-Drives or Driving Lessons.

Arnold Wagner

Founder, Constructer, Inventor, CEO, Senior Engineer

Arnold Wagner is Founder of PERAVES CZ. He is Father of modern Cabin-motorcycles. He developed basic parts and system of all versions.

History of the project

How Monoracer Enclosed Cabin-Motorcycle was born

PERAVES CZ was founded in 2009 by Gustav Procházka, COB of Company BOHEMIA MOBIL, and Arnold Wagner, COB of PERAVES Switzerland. The main idea was to continue and extend cooperation in development and construction of Fully Enclosed Cabin-Motorcycles, which started to be produced by Switzerland company Peraves, in 1987.

Till 2009 around 90 pieces of Ecomobile version were made in many variants, including two racing prototypes for just one passenger. Since 2005 BOHEMIA MOBIL and PERAVES developed and made the first five MonoRacers. This time also many new CZ-manufacturers started to participate on particular components. Since December 2015 is the PERAVES CZ owner of Type-approval certification Nr. e8*2002*24*0015*00 for fuel version of Monoracer.

Since 6.3.2017 PERAVES CZ s.r.o. transformed into PERAVES CZ, a.s.

PHOTOGALLERY of historically created Cabin-Motorcycles