MONORACER versions

ELECTRIC version

A Cabin-Motorcycle in Electric version is designed to provide to you fast and safe drive in maximum comfort with original PERAVES AMG-leather seats, listen to your favourite music with high quality reproductions and enjoy the smooth, powerfull and almost noiseless electrical engine. Nearly 400 kms between charges and fast charging  make your MonoRacer-130-E the valuablest tool for your future PERSONAL MOBILITY.

In case of a car accident, you will never face a frontal collision. The cabin hardness and an egg shape in combination with multipoint safe belt guarantee your maximum safety.  

PETROL version

has been OUT of PRODUCTION by end of 2016. Some second hand MonoRacer-K12-vehicles powered by BMW-engines are available from PERAVES CZ and from some local distributers. 

PERAVES CZ provides spare parts, service and repairs for ALL PERAVES-models built since 1987 of the types W-18-ECOMOBILE, W-19-MonoTracer and MonoRacer until today.