MONORACER versions

ELECTRIC version

A Cabin-Motorcycle in Electric version is designed to provide you a fast and safe drive in maximum comfort with original PERAVES AMG-leather seats. Listen to your favourite music with high quality loudspeakers and enjoy the smooth, powerful and almost noiseless electrical engine. A fully charged battery will last up to 400km. The fast charging make your MonoRacer-130-E the most valuable tool for your future PERSONAL MOBILITY.

In case of a an accident, you will never face a frontal collision. The cabin's hardness and egg shape in combination with a multipoint safe belt guarantee your maximum safety.  

ADAPTED version

This version is specially designed for drivers with disabilities. It provides the same comfort and driving experience as our other models, yet at the same time operated entirely by driver's hands. We can also rebuild the electric or petrol version into the adapted version or build a new one just for your needs. Both versions have been authorized by Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV). We give people with disabilities the opportunity to be free again on just two wheels.

BATTERY PACK swap service

We are offering support service for MonoTracers-E,  that were built by a former Swiss manufacture. This service contains swapping old non-functional batteries and other optional upgrades to the original models. After those upgrades these machines will match those currenty in production with a new advanced battery pack, a sophisticated control unit, a new generation braking system and other upgrades chosen by the customer.

PETROL version

has been OUT of PRODUCTION by the end of 2016. Some second hand MonoRacer-K12-vehicles powered by BMW-engines are available from PERAVES CZ and from some local distributors. 

PERAVES CZ provides spare parts, service and repairs for ALL PERAVES-models built since 1987 of the types W-18-ECOMOBILE, W-19-MonoTracer and MonoRacer until today.